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Disability Insurance Products

Short Term Disability Insurance

1 in 3 Americans will suffer a disability lasting 90 days or more during their working years.  Short term disability insurance can provide a means of income during this time.
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Long Term Disability Insurance

Nearly 1 in 5 people living in the U.S. will suffer a disability that lasts more than a year before the age of 65.  1 in 7 people can expect to be disabled for five years or more.
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Supplemental Disability Insurance

Supplemental disability insurance plugs the holes in your employer's disability coverage.  Unlike your employer's coverage, benefits are not taxable, meaning you take home more while off work.
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Living Assistance Disability Insurance

Living assistance disability insurance helps cover the cost of home care in the event you need assistance while recovering from a major illness or injury.
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Disability Insurance Information

group disability The Fallacy of Group Disability Offered by Your Employer

Why the disability insurance your company offers can actually be dangerous.  more...

Short Term, Long Term, Supplemental, Living Assistance... Yikes!

Different types of disability insurance are available to protect your income and assets.  You can pick and choose exactly what your family needs.  more...

How Does Disability Insurance Work?

group disability Disability insurance could be more properly termed "income insurance".  It is coverage that provides a monthly cash benefit when you can't work because of a covered injury or illness.

Disability insurance policies come with a wide array of options such as... more...

5 Common Myths About Disability Insurance

disability insurance myths These could leave you paying a lot more for disability insurance or cause you to become ineligible altogether.  more...

The First Rule of Buying Disability Insurance

disability insurance first rule Simple but often overlooked, this guideline can help you understand the options and find the disability coverage that fits your life and budget.  more...

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